Who we are

Ingenium was born from decades of experience gained in the management of universities and international schools in Italy and abroad.

We aim to create a unique, multicultural network of schools from Italy that embraces diversity and allows each student, in their uniqueness, to cultivate their skills and talent.

Our role is to provide these students with the proper knowledge, experience & tools to become the Leaders of Tomorrow.
We build schools of excellence capable of allowing each student to grow not only in academic learning but also in personal development at every stage of their life.

Ingenium meaning

The name Ingenium comes from Ancient Rome, where the first inclusive education system was developed.

In Roman education, progression depended more on ability than age with great emphasis being placed upon a student’s ingenium or inborn “gift” for learning, and a more tacit emphasis on a student’s ability to afford high-level education.

Sallust, a roman historian of the Republican age, asserted that “Virtus” did not rightfully belong to the nobilitas as a result of their family background but specifically to the novus homo through the exercise of ingenium: talent, sharpness of mind, sagacity, foresight and character.
As Ingenium we aim to develop such feautures in our students.


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