Social Impact

Our social purpose

Ingenium promotes several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on SDG #4 “quality education”:

PROMOTE an accessible network of high-quality international schools in southern Europe, delivering educational content based on solid foundations in terms of the Science of Learning;

STRUCTURE a comprehensive scholarships program to ensure economic inclusion of low-income students with great potential in order to promote equitable education. The forecasted system, based on well-defined selection and monitoring criteria, promotes socio-economic inclusion and mobility;

ENCOURAGE our students to become responsible global citizens ready to make their mark on the world with Social Projects;

FACILITATE remote-learning for students by implementing technology integration;

PROMOTE lifelong training.

Quality Education

•  Promoting  high quality international education programmes: Cambridge IGCSE, International Baccalauréat

•  Strong management team with professional educators coordinating the educational programme of our schools

•  Literacy &/or Numeracy Skills
•  Pupil Engagement
•  Diversity
•  Class Communication
•  Personalised Learning
•  Pupil Expectations

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

•  Education programmes focused on key ethical and social values

•  International exchanges with other schools promoting positive contamination

•  Number of sustainability courses

•  Number of students attending

•  Charitable activities and volunteering

Reduced Inequalities

•  Education programmes focused on key ethical and social values

•  Scholarship programme

•  Number of sustainability courses

•  Number of students attending

•  Social mobility

•  Education accessibility

Gender Equality –  Clean Water and Sanitation – Responsible Consumption and Production – Climate Action

•  Sustainability education programmes

•  Initiatives for students, parents and teachers promoting environmental awareness

•  Schools code of conduct including specific guidelines for usage of water and energy consumption

•  Achieve Eco-School certification for most of the schools in portfolio

•  Selection investment process aimed at preferring schools with RE infrastructure displaying a low environmental impact (we leverage on a team of RE specialists supporting us in the analysis process)

•  Number of initiatives/number of students attending and promoting environmental activities

•  Code of conduct & application

•  Eco school certification

•  Energy efficiency class of the building

•  Recycling % per year

Sustainability it is not a mere statement for Ingenium. We are evaluated and monitored by: Human Foundation


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