We offer a unique mix of internationally recognized programs and Italian curriculum.

This allows our students to continue their studies in Italy or abroad with success.

We hire and retain highly selected and qualified teachers from UK, Australia, US etc. as well as the Italian system.
We apply quality assessment of programs and staff in order to ensure the best possible educational outcome in each school.
We are able to achieve education excellence thanks to a research-based approach inspired by the Science of Learning.


We provide globally-recognised curricula to support students so they are inspired and able to develop the skills and knowledge needed to head into primary school and beyond.

Informed by new research and feedback from schools around the world, the International Baccalaureate was developed to meet the needs of children at this crucial stage of their development.


Tailored to meet the needs of our international student community, and the pathway to studying in the UK.


Tailored to meet the needs of our international student community, and the pathway to studying in the UK.


We are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

As Educators, we developed a common ground that defines our daily work and vision.

Our vision is of a Community that enables Learners and Educators to express their innate talents. To achieve this everyday, we developed four main Pillars, that define the reason for which we exist.

1. Total Wellbeing

Schools have the responsibility to promote the total wellbeing, not only of pupils but also that of Parents, Teachers and other stakeholders that deem the school as “The” education institution.

We developed the iParent Lab, a unique initiative aiming at helping parents in understanding how to manage the pupil’s wellbeing supported by renewed professional psychologists.

2. Community Building

A school is a reference point for the local Community, that is a privilege but also a commitment to lead the way of learning. We encourage every student and parent to become part of a nurturing community to help those disadvantaged.

3. Nurture Teachers

Given the fast-changing education environment, Teachers need a continuous learning to ensure the best outcome for our pupils. We are developing a iTraining Lab able to provide Teachers with the best possible training not only on programs and methods – for which there are ample resources available – but mainly on Life Skills development.

4. Respect Ethos and Uniqueness

When you cross the school’s door, you can feel the Ethos and Energy. We believe each school has its own story. It is a story that includes people working towards an educational goal in a specific context at a specific time. It is this story that drives each school’s mission, and gives it its own individual and unique community Ethos.

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