Rewarding experiences

We aim at growing student-self with rewarding experiences beyond classes that allow the student to express its passions.

Afterschool, trips, expeditions, international exchanges, creativity & art labs and sports are an integral part of opportunities we offer to students.


We encourage students to participate in different sport, academic and music Clubs not only for their physical well-being and enjoyment, but also to offer an opportunity outside the classroom, for students to socialize and spend time together, whether that be working in a team or as an individual.

We are developing a pilot Project called Moonshot! With the Houston Space Center. The program allows student to learn about space missions from multiple point of views.

Trips and expeditions

Trips are an integral part of our student’s experience away from home.
We organize both adventures and didactic trips.

International exchanges

In 2024, our students participated in an exchange program in Singapore, exploring south-asian culture and innovation.

Creativity and Art

Being creative is one of our most important values at Ingenium. We created several activities for our students, including podcasting, journalist, art etc. regardless the kind of arts our students are inspired by, we strive to stimulate a creative learning environment.


A great and classical way to bring parents, teachers and students together is by having a great, fun-filled sport’s day.

This type of event allows students, from different years, to collectively take part in games and activities that they have done throughout the year in their very own PE classes.


Whether you are a school Founder, Principal or an Educator, contact us to discover opportunities